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Drew some of my favorite kitties! Will have more soon. :3 If you have any suggestions of any other kitties, let me know. :3

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Cartoonists of Color Database ›


Cartoonists of Color Database
Pre-Launch FAQ

What is a Cartoonist of Color?
Cartoonists of Color (COC) is a play off of the acronym “POC.” POC stands for “person of color.” A POC is anyone who identifies as non-Caucasian (non-white). In these forthcoming pages, you’ll find comics…

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What is this?? XD

Aoi Honoh. Watch it. It is so great. :)


Hazel didn’t really evolve very much in the design process, but here’s some early sketches of her from 2010-2011.

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This show is my spirit animal. 

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Hiromu Arakawa (荒川 弘 Arakawa Hiromu?, born May 8, 1973) is a Japanese manga artist from Hokkaidō. She is best known for the manga Fullmetal Alchemist, which became a hit both domestically and internationally, and was later adapted into two anime television series.

She often portrays herself as a bespectacled cow. Her given name is Hiromi (弘美?), the first character being written identically to her male pen name, Hiromu.

Arakawa states that Suihō Tagawa, the author of Norakuro, is the "root of [her] style as an artist". She also learned composition and drawing during her time as Hiroyuki Etō’s assistant. She also cites Rumiko TakahashiShigeru Mizuki andKinnikuman by Yudetamago as influences and is a fan of Mike Mignola's work.

 Arakawa was born and raised on a dairy farm with three elder sisters and a younger brother. Arakawa thought about being a manga artist ”since [she] was little” and during her school years, she would often draw on textbooks. After graduating high school, she took oil painting classes once a month for seven years while working on her family’s farm. During this time, she also created dōjinshi manga with her friends and drew yonkoma for a magazine.

Arakawa moved to Tokyo in the summer of 1999, and started her career in the manga industry as an assistant to Hiroyuki Etō, author of Mahōjin Guru Guru. Her own career began with the publication of Stray Dog in Square Enix's Monthly Shōnen Gangan in 1999. Stray Dog won the ninth 21st Century “Shōnen Gangan” Award. She published one chapter of Shanghai Yōmakikai in Monthly Shōnen Gangan in 2000. In July 2001, Arakawa published the first chapter of Fullmetal Alchemist in Monthly Shōnen Gangan. The series spanned 108 chapters, with the last one published in July 2010, and the series was collected in twenty-seven volumes.  When the studio Bones adapted it into an anime series, Arakawa aided them in developing it. However, she later let them work alone in the making of the script so that both manga and anime would have different endings, and to develop the manga further. The series won the 49th Shogakukan Manga Award in the shōnen category in 2004. When the second anime adaptation was reaching its ending, Arakawa showed director Yasuhiro Irie her plans for the manga’s ending, making both end in near dates.

She is currently living in Tokyo and has published three more works, Raiden 18Sōten no Kōmori, and Hero Tales. Arakawa has collaborated with the creation of Hero Tales with Studio Flag under the name of Huang Jin Zhou. In the anime adaptation of the series, Arakawa was responsible for the character designs. She has also drawn the cover from the Japanese edition of the novel The Demon’s Lexicon authored by Sarah Rees Brennan.

In April 2011, Arakawa began a new series called Silver Spoon, serialized in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shōnen Sunday. Rather than writing another fantasy series like Fullmetal Alchemist, Arakawa wanted to challenge herself by trying a more realistic story with Silver Spoon. It quickly rose among Shogakukan’s best-selling titles and an anime series by A-1 Pictures began airing in July 2013. She began writing a manga adaptation of Yoshiki Tanaka's The Heroic Legend of Arslanseries of novels in July 2013, serialized in Kodansha's Bessatsu Shōnen Magazine.


One of my favorite comic creators. Also responsible for one of my all-time favorite animated TV series, FMA & FMA: Brotherhood! :-D


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I laughed so hard at this, because this is literally me

wow same


Something that has ALWAYS bugged me about Dany. 

I know her whole arc is all about claiming her inner dragon, but geez, we don’t need to be reminded of all her billions of accrued names every 5 minutes. :p

Taking a break from work and sick to archive all my old works cluttering up my folders (so I never have to acknowledge it again mwaha). 

I’ve realized about myself recently, that unlike most of my (casual drawing) friends, who are often troubled by not being able to draw freely and without care as much as they could in the past, I tend to be a lot more mercenary or cold about it. I don’t care what was done before, all I particularly care about is how I can make today (or whatever current piece or moment) better. I’ve never really been a sentimental person; especially when it comes to my own labors.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with either view. It’s just a little interesting to me how my thoughts on things differ both personally, and financially, as making artworks is my sole source of income.



I’m not even in this fandom, but hearing this made me feel so much better about life

I needed this today.

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Thanks a bunch, Kumo.

Membership Drive for Sparkler Monthly: Year 2 | Sparkler Monthly ›









Sparkler Monthly is the new manga-magazine style publication on the block, and their publisher (Chromatic Press) presents an awesome opportunity for cartoonists whose crafts have been influenced by the Japanese comics and animation market to get paid for their work! Very few publishers respect “manga style” artists or actively look for them, so Sparkler Monthly is a huge deal in my book! They are also committed to a wide array of POC and LGBTQ+ representation in what they publish and center themselves around catering to the female gaze. I don’t think enough people know about them yet, »>clickity»> which is probably why a membership drive is necessary «<click«<! It’s totally worth it to support this! At the very least, take a quick look at their titles (comics, prose, and audio dramas) and see if you can’t find something you enjoy. They even have a section called Cherry Bomb for more saucy/sexy material, loads of subscriber exclusives, and a distro service pushing out stuff like fucking Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal books and merch. Seriously. Go there now.

(“Awake” illustration by Angela Sham)

I wholeheartedly and fully agree with everything said here! Sparkler Monthly is SO GREAT you guys! So great! I used to constantly, loudly, obnoxiously lament that something exactly like this didn’t exist— and now it does! So please, subscribe! Give a subscription as a gift, tell a friend, whatever! They’re so cool and great and think of how many cool and great people could get PAID to make COOL AND GREAT STUFF with your subscription! JUST THINK!!

Y’all know how Heidi and I talk about supporting the industry you want to work in? Sparkler Magazine is just such an opportunity. In fact, Chromatic Press is pretty much THE opportunity an American has to draw manga inspired comics in the US right now. I live on the east coast, so I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting the staff at any cons (yet), but as an east coaster with limited opportunities to see my comics printed or distributed by others, I understand how very important it is to support a publisher that’s willing to take such a big risk. OEL manga and manga influenced comics are a hard sell, and it’s only getting harder, so please consider supporting such a wonderful magazine. I just signed up for a year membership, which was really quite affordable, and I look forward to enjoying the upcoming months of comics, and look forward to being introduced to new artists.

The serious question now is do I want the standard year membership, or the super awesome VIP membership…..

Reblogging! Its only a few $$ for a month or more of comics, prose, audio dramasand podcasts from pros!

Support these awesome ladies however you can! X0

Ditto to everything said here! Sparkler is pushing for everything the industry is lacking right now and they need your support! If you want a taste of what they do, check it out! Every first chapter is free! And there’s only more good stuff to come! You might be very surprised by the variety and uniqueness of each series!

More female leads! More LGBTQ+ and POC representation! More manga style comics!  If you have the same frustrations that we do or have ever experienced prejudice because of your style or what you write about, please reblog. A little goes a long way :)

Been a subscriber since the beginning and LOVE all the stories offered! I’m TOTALLY looking forward to all the Year 2 titles. :D -Coco

They passed 100 new subscribers and had a raffle! When they hit 200 subscribers, five more folks get a chance to win the swag below:

I hella wanna be one of them AND YOU DO, TOO, TRUST ME! 8’D

*points up at all the lovely words already said*