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I’m feeling a little cheated. I used to live not far from where this was shot, and I never heard it. :p

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mantra: don’t say anything to yourself that Bob Ross wouldn’t say to you


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thelugia702 asked: do you accept payment for commissions in the form of hugs?


Does my landlord accept hugs in lieu of rent? Will my cell phone provider accept hugs instead of bill payment? Can I buy groceries with hugs?


Erika Moen, Amy Falcone, Dylan Meconis, Steve Lieber, and I talked about the ins and outs of freelancing at Emerald City Comicon this past weekend. Here’s a recording for those of you who couldn’t make it!

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This just put a giant smile on my head. Wow.

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My 6yr old niece has been gesture drawing people. This is me. 😆

One more quickie test sketch to get PotatoChop back to where I want it. Also *finally* got the rest of my machine back in working order….now to get caught back up on work stuff. U__U

We’re All Star Children will be (re) launching on 4/20 next month in a way that I’m FAR more comfortable with. It’s a huge relief to be able to have a sustainable way to work on this story and share it with y’all. I hope you’ll enjoy it, next month. :)


OKAY FRIENDS SO I’M GONNA BE THAT GUY AND ASK YOU ALL FOR HELP. This here is Duo. He’s my best friend. Love of my life. And I desperately want him to come to Finland with me in May. On previous trips I have literally cried because I missed him and I’m a big baby loser like that. All I want is to bring him with me and have my little family in Helsinki. I can leave him with Ella when I need to go home to Canada and rest assured he’s being taken care of. While I know he can probably be okay with someone else he is my cat and I’m his person and he doesn’t really like to be around anyone but me. I really don’t want to let him go.

His relocation from Canada to Finland is mostly together but it’s been incredibly expensive. I’ve already had one vet visit that cost me $200, I have another coming up, bringing him along with the airlines is $300 (it would be less if I wasn’t switching airlines halfway). I can cover all of that, except for this one thing.

Duo has a heart murmur. I didn’t know about it until we brought him to the vet last time. It could have been something he’s had all his life, but I’m not sure. This could be the result of a heart condition that might make him flying lethal. I desperately want to bring Duo with me, but I don’t want to kill him. The only way we can know if he’s safe to go or if he needs treatment is to do this blood test, which is about $200. And it is just the only thing I haven’t been able to cover on my own.

Thank you guys. I’ve done a lot of it with your help with my commission drive. He has treats and collars and a vest coming in to help with his travel anxiety. I got him his flight-certified carrier and his rabies vaccination all thanks to you. I hate to ask for more of your charity, but if you have it in you I would greatly appreciate it.

My paypal is, and that’s also where you can send money with an Electronic Funds Transfer if you live in Canada. If I can do work for the money I still have a few outlying commissions to do, but I’d happily draw things for you in exchange for making my family happen. I’d even gladly send you some photos of us together when we’ve settled in. Also visit my storenvy shop. All profits will go toward the move, and if you sent a donation and would like me to send you a couple of postcards, please say so. 

Duo and I have never been apart for long and I don’t want to lose him! Please help!

Signal boosting for two whom I love dearly (Dawn and Duo, I mean).

Kaiser poll: Many Americans were unaware of health care law deadline ›





If you’re uninsured in the U.S., Monday is the deadline. Go ahead and do it now while the web site isn’t overwhelmed. I did this (and have guided friends through it), and it’s usually really easy. (In my experience, it can be quite hard if there’s a problem with ID verification, but that’s rare.)

We signed up for insurance in half an hour, paid a week later when the bill showed up, and were insured. I know that’s not everyone’s story, but I do think it’s most people’s stories. I was really intimidated by the web site and the whole process, but it does work, and the subsidies make insurance affordable for most people who aren’t medicaid-eligible.

Get insured.

#there’s no reason to get fined for not having health care #mine is 100% free!! #yours probably will be too #because i know most of my followers are broke as heck #you don’t need any special stuff #or at least i didn’t!! #just basic info and your id

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Online is the fastest way but their website is having problems with the amount of traffic. I had to go to the office to make sure my crap went through because it errored on the very last page (lolugh) Phone takes FOREVERRRRR and its probably too late to mail out your application in time. I’d go into an office if I were you! Which will also take forever!!! GOODLUCK.

The worst part of this law (without getting into the politics of it) is that for a lot of people it’s actually a lot cheaper to pay the fine than to get unusable health insurance.

I’m a self-employed artist, so employer coverage is not available to me. I just checked the rates on that website and the cheapest plan available to me is around $190 a month (if I qualify), making it $2,280 a year. Which isn’t too bad, except that the deductible is $6,000. I rarely spend more than $500 a year on doctor visits, if even that, so unless I got into a horrific accident I would never get any coverage from this plan. Edit: And horrific accidents are usually covered by car/house or other insurance.

In contrast, the fine is $95 or 1% of your annual income, and if your annual income is so low that you would have trouble affording $2,280 a year, 1% is still a lot less to pay.

On top of that, having health insurance would remove the small discounts I DO get on doctor visits for using self pay, even if that insurance does not cover any part of the bill.

You could argue that the whole point of health insurance is specifically for covering the horrific accidents you don’t expect, but it’s hard to stomach $2.2k a year with not only zero benefits, but negative benefits.

I believe I’m opting out for now.

I’m only re-blogging this because people ask me a lot about how to live as a self employed artist.

This is an incredibly touchy subject for me, and I am incredibly bitter about the whole process thus far, as I’ve been one of the “few” who has been caught up in “identification verification” hell from day one (and getting any help to clear it all up has been, no hyperbole intended, the worst and most trying thing I’ve dealt with this year).

Celesse makes an incredibly good point, however. For many people, and a lot of other self employed people I know, just going without and paying the fine (as I’ll be doing, since resolving my case before Monday is an impossibility) is far cheaper than signing up for any one option available (if qualified). Personally, I have no qualms about taking the hit, if it means that’ll be paying for someone else to have affordable care. I more than likely would have taken this route, even if I wasn’t forced into it by a complete lack (again, without hyperbole) of competence on the part of Covered CA. And this is despite me being chronically and seriously ill.

Please don’t get me wrong. I’m all for socialized medicine, and the first thing I’ll tell someone if they want to go the self employed/freelance route is to get insurance immediately. This is not, generally speaking, a very healthy sport to play. But it is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT for people to know that ACA isn’t a cure all for every situation and that one will have to make a rather important choice about it.

You will have to deal with a lot of said decisions like this if you decide to work on your own.

On the flip side, please hurry and sign up, if it works in your favor to do so!


agentsex reblogged your link and added: You can apply for a “hardship” exemption for the deadline and avoid the fine. 

It won’t help in my case, but good to know! Thank you much!! :)


Some in-progress shots from each of the 4 finished chapters of 7” Kara. Did you know this comic features both geckos AND cats? Did you also know that it’s a watercolor comic written specifically for little girls, based on research and life experience? Did you know this comic is my baby, and that I’ll be debuting it at MoCCA-fest?

This project means the world to me, and I would appreciate any signal boosting possible. I opted NOT to Kickstart this, it’s been entirely funded by me, so it’d be nice to see those printing costs come back to roost in my bank account.

This comic has been kid tested and approved at my house, and I’m really excited to be able to buy the whole volume. I know Becca has/is working incredibly hard on it-and it really shows!!

It may be a kids’ comic, but I enjoyed the heck out of it too!!!!!

from Spirited Away

If there’s any one reason (and there’s no just ONE reason) I love this movie, it’s because of this scene. I’m not even sure what that scene does to me, but it does it every time. 

Like…how can it be nostalgia if the first time I’ve been on a train was in my late 20’s? Maybe it’s loneliness? Resolution? Progression? Nostalgia is a definite factor, though.

Hyperbole is so easy and overdone on Tumblr…but OMG this scene…just….AHHHHHGH. Right? :p

I can’t be the only one……right? Does anyone have any insight as to why this scene is so great (IN context to the rest of the film. It’s not nearly so powerful without)?

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Hey guys!  Since I’m debuting Volume 1 of 7” Kara at MoCCA, I thought I’d go ahead and release the first ten pages of Chapter 1 on here so you guys could get a look.  Chapter 1 was my roughest chapter, so you can imagine how much better the subsequent chapters are!  I wish I could upload the entire first chapter on Tumblr, but there’s a  10 photo limit, but I have the first Chapter available in my store, and will soon be uploading PDF’s of the first two chapters.

Volume 1 is 112 pages of full color art, most of which are watercolor.  There’s 4 chapters of 7” Kara (about 72 pages of watercolor comic), a 6 page bonus story (“Small Blessings”, which is pantone Seafoam Green, white, and black), and a concept section.  I created brand new watercolors for the title page, section headers, and even spacer pages, so there’s no lack of new art. 

I’ll be debuting Volume 1 at MoCCA-Fest this year for $20, which also gets you a quick Kara sketch in the front of the book and a couple surprises, including a MoCCA-Fest exclusive.  If you’re going to be in NY for MoCCA, I really hope you at least come flip through it.

If you can’t make MoCCA, Kara will also be available at SPACE in OH, MTAC in Nashville, TN, Hamacon in AL, and LouisiAnime and Mechacon in LA.  It will also be available in the Natto-shop after SPACE, and the price will include the free sketch and some Kara-inspired treats.

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i.hate.everyone and the geeky alternate set i.hate.fandom are now up for sale through DriveThruCards. (There’s also a free PNP version on my site.)

Ah!!! My amazing friend randomlyneko did something else awesome. :O (how does he do this?!?!?!)

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