“So I can say with full confidence to those who dream of becoming a mangaka: even if you suck, it’s okay!♥ Just try your hardest and please don’t give up! Even if it’s bent, smudged, done in a felt pen, done in ten seconds per panel, or done with no rough draft, just be sure to make those deadlines. Anything is okay. Even if it sucks, it might become an anime someday!”Naoko Takeuchi

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PS this is what I mean when I talk about her being rushed- SHE DID A LOT OF STUFF AT ONCE, like do the numbers of what she’s talking about here.I guess I kinda get more defensive of her than other artists because she’s pretty clearly aware of a lot of the flaws and really apologetic about it. And I still really like her work despite all those limitations! So.i just like her i think she’s cool…and always will…

this makes me like takeuchi about 500 times more omg it’s so cute… i’m glad that she’s aware of the flaws in her work too (though probably a little too aware) (honey it’s ok sshh)

also these are some real inspirational words of advice yo

47 pages in three days good lord

I love these so much, I wish she made more!! I would just read an entire graphic novel of her talking about her experiences. She’s my hero.



CNN’s Jake Tapper Telling the Truth about Ferguson

Jake Tapper exposing the truth! He earned his stripes today.



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The Comics Reporter ›


If you make comics in a big city, please check Comics Reporter’s Comics By Local Scene list and make sure you’re on it!  They are asking for help right now to update their lists of creators and institutions for major metropolitan areas.  (Make sure to read the disclaimer at the beginning of the article, though!)

I check this list before I travel or choose conventions; I think it’s a great idea and I’d love to see it updated thoroughly with help from reader input. :D

EDIT: Excuse me; this list is actually INTERNATIONAL, so don’t be shy if you’re not American/Canadian

xavierjones asked: I'm an art teacher, and I like comics, but I have this fear about doing lessons involving superheroes, because... as of right now, I don't think all my different kinds of kids would have someone to identify with. plus all the sexualization and other no fun stuff that happens in comics is kind of unnerving. When I see characters like Falcon being Cap, and Lady Thor and Ms. Marvel, I almost start to think there is hope for minority readers to become future creators. How do we fix this?



Change the conversation away from Marvel and DC! We grew up with them dominating the comics discourse. No reason why that should hold true in 2014 when there are so many other options. Including them is a fine idea, but they can’t be everything any more.

The Falcon-as-Cap thing is cool, but what’s cooler than that is knowing you could be the cool cat creating the next hotness, knowing that you can express yourself through a medium you love. I’ve been blessed to have two careers—one in progress, one in the rear view. The first was in video games, and that was, and is, unfathomable to me on a certain level. If you asked me as a kid who worked in the video game industry, I would tell you white people and Japanese people, because that was the perception I had from devouring the magazines. Black people were in the games, generally as boxers and weird thugs and sometimes both, but I didn’t know they were allowed behind the scenes, too. Working in games never crossed my mind as a kid. So representation on the page is one thing, but it’s a candle to the sun of representation behind the page.

Instead of focusing on cape comics, find age-appropriate works from a diverse group of creators. I’m not sure which age range you’re working with, but I feel like you’re working with kids. I mostly know cuss words and violence comics, but find books like Miranda Mercury and Aya of Yop City, and make sure to emphasize the creator in addition to the work. Seek out small press people to talk to the class or provide an example in some way. If you’re lucky, you might find some folks willing to play mentor on a certain level, too.

But honestly, the only answer to your question is changing the way we look at, talk about, and mull over comics. The capes are in the news because they have billion dollar movies, and that’s valuable, but it’s only valuable up to a point. Comics are a worldwide artform at this point, created with hundred thousand dollar marketing budgets and just a pen and paper and everything in-between. Limiting yourself to just Marvel & DC is a mistake. You can use them as an entry point, but if you’re gonna be serious about fixing this, you’ve gotta broaden the horizons. Anyone can and will create comics. That’s the lesson to impart to the kids if you want to shape them into possible creators. “You can do this.”


A rough speedpaint after a recent all-nighter and with no reference (I should have used reference!). :p I get so caught up in other things, I often forget how much fun gouache is. Also, clay board is a #$(*)$ to paint on. :/

Creative Space: Living in my own little world is my job. ›


Something people need to understand about creators. Many of us live in bubbles. Different kinds of bubbles, not the same bubble at once.

But we live in bubbles. If you try to snap us out of the bubble, the environment that enables us to create our work snaps too. We may stop…



Here’s my really simple method for painting with watercolor! Hope someone finds this at least a little bit useful! ^^

(I apologize the typos (edit: damn there were STILL so many argh!) and possible bad grammar.)

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Demon of the Underground ch.02p.34 is up, plus a new voting incentive!

This is the  100th page of DOTU, so I’m celebrating with a bonus page on Thursday, August 7!  I’m also holding a sketch request celebration here.

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Advice to the mid-career cartoonist who has failed to build an audience ›


Advice to the mid-career cartoonist who has failed to build an audience

I’ve been publishing comics for coming on twenty years now. It’s hard to pinpoint a start-date, as like many cartoonists I’ve just been drawing my whole life, but sometime around ‘95 would be when I began…

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I’m very very late ! ê___ê’

Here some pics of my children book”The little Red Wolf” ! :>

Now available in french bookstore and on amazon (the picture of the book on amazon is very very ugly but the book look really better for real…ù__ù) !


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There, there...kitty kitty, good boy.One day you will get outside. Eat some more, grow stronger, grow bigger.

There, there...good boy.The one to gain freedom is you.

Kitty have to run. Run to the outside world. Run, run, my sweet, sweet kitty.  You must live on your own.

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Stupid warm up sketch of cybercosmos' OC because hey why not.


Listen to the lady, pals.

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