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I’ve never been more emotional about any social media post in my entire life

UPDATE: guys Beth Broderick tweeted yesterday that this Salem is THE SAME SALEM!!! He’s 20 years old man!!!! 20!

That Salem is still kicking is all I care about.

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card-sliding for diversity


I’m going to talk about publishing—specifically, my publisher, sparklermonthly. But first, I’m going to talk about apologies.

The word sorry leaves my mouth a lot. And yet, never often enough. Sometimes, it’s fear that stops me. Or ego. Usually ego, especially because the…

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The first volume of my Patreon sketchbook is live on Gumroad for $2! Lots of art in there that isn’t up on the internet anywhere! Go check it out!

And of course my Patreon subscribers get access to this at least a week early, so that’s cool!

Ohhhh!! I need to get this!!! :D

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Rise From Ashes

Every story begins somewhere. In this case, the story begins with…a fairy tale.

Thought I’d put up the first four pages of my webcomic on tumblr. Please share! You can see the rest at

Hot dang, this looks good! 

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Nattosoup: Panel Presentation: Watercolor 101


The third (actually, the FIRST) of the three panels Heidi and I presented at Mechacon this year.  This is a totally revamped Introduction to Watercolor presentation, and not only includes a video of the presentation and demos, but the presentation itself (with loads of new images) and a download link for the handout.  We cover basics like papers (weights, brands, textures, ect), watercolors (pan, tube, pigment, dye), brands, brushes, and basic techniques (stretching your paper, applying washes, different types of strokes), and open the panel up to audience participation by handing out pieces of coldpress watercolor paper and allowing the participants to use our paints and brushes.

Oh, nice!

nattosoup has posted info from the panels that she and heidiblack did for conventions. If you’re looking for info on watercolors, markers, or entering into the artist alley con scene, please check them out! :)

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Commissions for bybystarlight, a wonderful artist and human being - go follow her if you aren’t already!

The first is a friend-gift using this reference sheet (so cute!), and I got complete free reign for the second. So it’s a new character I’ve been working on! (She might or might not be related to these guys. Hhhehehe.)

Thank you so much, bybystarlight! These were really fun to work on, I hope you like them!! ♥

How in THE WORLD did I miss this?!?!?!!??! These turned out SO WELL AHHHH!

Gale’s work is so so great!!!! Now I have some amazing art to give to a friend (Kurumi belongs to randomlyneko) AND to put on my wall. AHHH! I hope y’all can consider comissioning her! I mean…because……ah……SO GOOD!

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okolnir asked: HEY HELLO i read your cintiq woes and I'm sorry to hear the trouble ;-; if you dont mind me intruding, I personally prop it up at 75-80*, and a little further into the desk so I can rest my elbow on the desk, the pinkie end of my knuckle against the cintiq, and maneuver the pen using my first 3 fingers only, with the knuckle as my pivot. or for longer lines, my elbow as pivot. I feel like this would be a relaxed stance since very few muscles are actually involved in maintaining grip. good luck!


thank you so much Shilin! I actually haven’t tried this yet but it seems like an excellent idea (Ive had mine right on the edge of my desk so I’m sure that’s contributing to the soreness I’ve been getting in my forearm area) 
I’ll probably let my arms rest up for a little while and give that a try before I give up on the cintiq all together, because I really do love it and wish with all my heart that I could use it without ruining my arms! I’m also publishing it so that anyone else that’s dealt with similar problems might try it this way!

Oh! A good suggestion!!!!

I have my Cintiq on an arm, and that’s done wonders for my back and bum (and my head and stomach, oddly enough, on those days where I’m not well enough to sit upright for long periods), but recently I’ve started getting really bad hand pain and numbness that radiates up past the shoulder. Frustrating, to say the very least!

Thank you for sharing this! 

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I am looking to hire a colorist for my new webcomic The Glass Scientists!

Coming from an animation background, my art style favors simple, clean cell-shading, limited color palates, and economy of visual storytelling- elaborate, finely rendered oil paintings will not mesh well with my lineart! The value/color work for the comic needs to emphasize character acting and help each image read quickly and clearly (good use of contrast to make the important elements of a shot “pop”).

I will, however, need a colorist with a good sense of lighting for tone and setting! I will be providing lighting thumbnails (and occasionally color keys) for each shot set up, but I need someone will be able to carry that intention through to finished pieces!

You will be paid on a per-page basis at one page per week, though I may bump that up to 2 pages per week for the beginning of chapter 1 or for special events.I’m looking to start in the beginning of October.

Here are some examples of styles similar to what I am looking for: 'Kill Switch Engage', Blindsprings, and Gravity Falls. Also, please see these sample pages from my short comic Bleeding Heart for an idea of the kind of linework I do:

(Note: Since I work on the show, it’s kind of inevitable that I would look to the gorgeous color work on Gravity Falls- I don’t expect something that crazy detailed, of course, but it is worth noting that the crazy amount of variety found in GF backgrounds are accomplished with three fairly simple layers: a cell-shaded flats layer, a shadow layer set to multiply, and a simple light glow layer.)

If you are interested, or if you know someone you would recommend, send me an Ask or email me at glitterygothic (at) ! Please include samples of your work. For my first chapter, I am especially looking for examples of night-time scenes and use of limited color palate!

Signal boost—for those looking for colorist work. :)

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Let me recommend 3 books to anyone who wants to invest their time into drawing. This post is directed at animators, but relevant to all learning artists.

Here are your 3 meals of the day for visual reference. This is your breakfast, lunch and dinner for art improvement.

colour scripts for all your favourite pixar movies. This is not about accurate figure drawing. This is about LIGHTING. Natural light and dramatic light. Soft light and subtle light.
You would not believe how positively a good understanding if light and shadow will advance your art. Your artistic skill will leap forward a mile if you practice these techniques.
No descriptions or heavy text in this book it’s purely visual analysis.

Book 2) FORCE
Dynamic life drawing for animators.
Bring your figure and character drawings to life in a way you’ve never imagined. This will teach you to create a sense of weight and movement, tension and relax in your figure drawings. Through learning these 4 things your figure drawings will come to life, maybe one day soon you’ll be able to apply these same principles to animal drawings also.
This book is informative but not text heavy. It is mostly completely visual and holds enough text to inform you of new techniques to consider.

backgrounds. Yes they’re scary to think about, but I can promise you they’re a lot easier to get the hang of then drawing the human figure. If you’re already drawing people try drawing backgrounds, your art will improve drastically and your skill to draw backgrounds will advance in no time at all. This book actually contains a healthy mixture of some of the most complex, and some of the most simple animation backgrounds. Backgrounds from the past (traditional art) and present (mostly Digital art). It shows visual progress pictures. It shows a lot of visuals but above all it shows some the history behind some of your favourite movie backgrounds. This book is quite text heavy, but it walks you through the process of ‘setting the scene’ in your illustrations.

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More kid-bending cooldown.

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Cool down sketch. And trying out  frenden pencil brushes for Clip Studio.

I may or may not be having a Korra marathon right now. :p Baby benders are the best.

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So, my husband asked what it is that draws me to Sailor Moon specifically, and I had to think about it for a bit. I mean, aside from the enormous nostalgia goggles I’ve got for it — it was the first anime I ever saw, and the goggles are so big that I adore the dub, bad as it is.

Anyway, here’s what I came up with, for what draws me so strongly about Sailor Moon:

  • First off, you can be strong and good without being perfect; you can always overcome your flaws, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to GET RID of them. 
  • It’s, to me, a female power fantasy: you get to kick ass, while being a princess or one of the most powerful guardians in the universe. Being a princess is also, to me, a matter of being able to be ultimately a feminine figure, but with agency that no one can deny (in media, anyway; let’s not get into princesshood in real life).
  • And then finally a really good message of women supporting other women, which is still stupid rare. Emphasis on stupid.
  • Not going to deny though, I’m a sucker for love stories and ~destined love~ is pretty great, especially when you support each other. So I like that too.

Anyway, wondering how much of this resonates with other Sailor Moon fans! I’m just sorta spitballing here; at any rate, this is how it resonates with me!

Yep, what she said. It’s kind of why I like most magical girl stories, and other ones like MLP:FiM and stuff too. But Sailor Moon is special just because it was my gate-way anime, and it reminds me of childhood with one of my best friends.

I also liked that Sailor Moon had pretty complex villains (aside from their Monster of the Week ones that is), some of whom ended up not being evil in the end. 

Oh! And I really liked that the Senshi attacks tended to be things we wouldn’t think of as attacks (Bubble Spray, Love Me Chain, Moon Tiara, etc) but were just as powerful when used in the right circumstances or in concert with the more traditionally violent attacks like fire and lightning and stuff. I like the messages that there’s more ways to win a fight than just by killing your enemies. 

Oh yes!! I forgot that last point, I was gonna say that too! I loved that the theme was basically trying to reform villains, at least after the first round or so; what with the Moon Healing Activation and whatnot. And usually it didn’t work cause monster of the week tend to be only, y’know, pure evil and barely sapient; but then it worked on the Weird Sisters when they were ready to give it up and just ;u; yesssssssssssss

This, this this. :D

There’s also the theme that one can be “different” or “non-normative” and still be awesome individually as well as an essential part of the ‘team.’ People are quick to dismiss Ami as useless since her abilities are mostly support based, but how many times does she end up saving everyones’ bacon? Usagi is an ‘idiot,’ Ami is ‘weak,’ Makoto is a ‘macho,’ etc……but the things that other people would automatically judge as “bad” is either an asset to the team or at least of no bad consequence to it. 

That kind of absolute acceptance always stuck with me.

And that one is still capable of and worth redemption even when they’re riddled with deep insecurity and guilt and ridiculous expectations (i.e.: Black lady).

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  1. Go to  
  2. Click on 14-28 
  3. Comment “I want internet service providers classified as common carriers.”
  4. Done! 

Please reblog for people who have phone-related phobias or anxieties.

Be sure to hit “confirm” to send your comment.

Ironically, this website is INCREDIBLY SLOW.

THANKS. I hate talking to people I don’t know on the phone.

This is so much easier for me! (Phone calls are THE WORST.)